Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Billy Scott Meyerhoff

Introducing the newest member of the family. We have been considering a dog for awhile. We felt it would be a good thing for Isaac. We didn't expect to find ourselves with the blessing that this dog has become to us. Billy is a one year old yellow lab. He was raised from a pup by my brother and sister law. When they got Billy my BIL worked from home and was with him all the time. Recently his job changed and Billy was spending tons of time alone. So they, out of love for Billy made the difficult decision to find him a new home where someone would be home during the day. We had just started looking at rescue dogs the week before they shared that they were looking for a new home for Billy. 

We are still in the midst of transitioning. He came to us and then a week later we had him neutered. Poor buddy does no like the cone of shame and is still a bit of a pup with high energy. Keeping Billy quiet for 7-10 days has come with some difficulty. We are almost out of the woods. The time my kids spend caring for and playing with him is priceless. The responsibility they are learning is invaluable. Isaac has more fun doing ANYTHING if the dog is with him, including school work. Eli was terrified of him two weeks ago and as you can see below has overcome his fear. We are smitten and looking forward to all the big long trail walks and all the playtime to come once the healing is done. 

We are grateful for how all this came together. I do feel for my poor nieces who had to give up their much beloved dog. At least they will still see him from time to time and get to spend Christmas with him (and us). Their sacrifice does not go unnoticed.