Monday, February 03, 2014

Computer Craziness

I was hoping to be writing more but our Mac desktop is in the shop. So much for the amazing Mac. This is the 3rd time since we bought it.  My old PC is on the fritz. It is 7 years old. Can you see why I am torn over what we should buy to replace it?  

We do have an i-pad but I don't care for touch screen typing. It is also in high demand by everyone especially with the other computers down for the count. I feel like we live in extravegance with one i-pad, one Mac and one PC. Most of my friends have an i-pad per person and laptops plus i-phones. I do not even have a data plan on my phone and love it that way. I have just recently discovered texting and feel no shame what-so-ever.

Anyway just thought I would pop in and give an update. Not even sure anyone even reads here anymore. Is anybody out there...........

I leave you these recent pics of a trail walk. 


Stacy said...

I READ here!
We love our Mac. It has been in the shop twice in the past 3 months, though. But both times they've replaced the hard drive, and the second time we didn't even have to pay for it, since it was still under warranty. LOVE that.
We just have the one Mac- a laptop.
No fancy smart phones or anything else. But we DO text, and often. ;)

Love to you,

Cara said...

I'm still here! Love reading how your family is working to grow together!

Dad raised us on Macs, and that's what they've used at the church office for years, so we're dedicated Mac people. And we have an iPad which we use sometimes, courtesy of my dear in-laws. :) But I'm still scraping by with my little old flip phone. No data plan, and it's such a pain to text that I rarely do that either. That will probably have to change, as I can't imagine the phone lasting much longer. It's falling apart as is!

Sandi said...

Glad to hear I am not alone in my technology-less life. :) Cara I finally got a new phone before Chrsitmas because our provider gave us a cheaper plan and a new phone. I think they did this just to get rid of my old phone...haha. I do love texting now that I have tried it. So easy and quick.

Also glad both you dear lady's are still around reading my musings how ever rare they have been of late.

Joy said...

We've had macs for years and never, ever, had a problem, so I'm really surprised. Our big mac desktop is going on ten years old now.

And of COURSE I read here! I just don't get to comment as much as I wanna.