Thursday, January 09, 2014


The New Year has rounded the corner. I find I am several steps behind these days. Not behind for me but behind the times. I take things in slower then I used to. I also take in more then I used to. That is one thing I plan to change this year. When I am only an observer or consumer of words and ideas I start to shrivel up. I need to write in some form, to give out or I don't feel myself.

As is my habit, I have a word for this new year. It was easy and obvious this time, where as some years it has not been so clear. 


This past year I have felt pulled in many different directions. I have let some of our foundational priorities get usurped by busy, crisis, fear and discouragement. It is a new day (year) ya"ll! I hope to talk more about this in time. 

Our goals this year are to 

Work together
Play together
Cook together
Learn together
Serve together
Dream together

I allowed myself to get into a place where I was surviving and tending to do everything myself in our family life. I stopped teaching through living with my kids in many of these areas. We would talk about wanting to do XYZ but never actually plan and do it. I have 
shooed my kids from the kitchen because it IS easier. We all know that. But easy isn't always best. There are ways I want to live and I have made excuses because I feel like such a weirdo half the time in our modern culture. We are thinking on some bigger scale changes but mostly just living purposely and different in the everyday choices

Below are my goals and the places I want to spend my time in this coming year. This is the front panel of my journal. I had a nifty little list of all these on paper and then I came across this creative idea through my friend Tonia. So though the words are mine I was planning on using a boring list until I was inpsired. I think this is much better, don't you?


renee @ FIMBY said...

get your black belt - you go!

Love the front page of your journal. and i love the together theme, it's a strong one in my own life : )

Sandi said...

Thanks Renee. Together is something that has become more central to us. Hoping to grow big time in this area this year.