Saturday, December 21, 2013

Nothing Else Will Satisfy

I have been meditating and thinking on this post by Sally Clarkson.

There has been much in life that has caused me to find my hope in Him and not other things. It is easy to start to drift through life and take it for take Him for granted. To slowly start backing away from how you want to live and how you know you should walk your days out simply because it is easier. Finding the rut and following it takes little effort or thought. Sticking to your convictions and forging a new path takes loads of energy.

This post gives me fresh hope each time I read it. Hope not in changed situations, nor dare I say even  a changed heart in me but Hope in all He is and has done. This my friends NEVER changes therefore there is always hope no matter what shakes down around us. And trust me there has been some shaking going on around me :)

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