Sunday, April 15, 2012

Living As You Are Called

Sorry for the tease (almost a month ago) about new exciting things and then, nothing. I have taken to being in the moment far better then I ever have before. A big part of accomplishing this has been to be online and in social media less and be "with" whom ever is in front of me. I will admit that I do have this on again, off again relationship with facebook. Sometimes I just want to ditch FB all together. Not because there is anything wrong with it but the temptations it presents me are not in my favor. It becomes a way to feel connected but not be really connected. For those far away it is a gift, those up close.....I am not so sure. I can get wrapped up in spending far to much time taking in snippets of information and not really thinking and processing for myself. Output (writing) helps me think and process.

Before I start sharing all the new changes, some SO good, others hard and sad but for the good, I want to address a few things. The on-line world, as I mentioned above, comes with it's set of advantages and disadvantages. One major disadvantage, especially for women is COMPARISON. That drive to do it better, or more efficient, or more beautiful ........ The tiny glimpse we get in the virtual world of  the real people behind the words and pictures can cause us to think we are NOT ENOUGH. I struggle with blogs that only put forth the pretty. We have to remember that when we only see and hear the "pretty" we aren't getting the whole picture. Now, I am no pessimist. I just know that we are drawn to doing things well and good but due to sin we muddle that up often. God made us in His image and part of that is a hunger for beauty, desire to do well and be the best we can. Yet, I think all to often, we take the standard of "best" from others and what they do. Each of us has a path, a journey, a story that is uniquely our own designed by a perfect craftsman. When we see what we would like our life, our home, our home education, our bodies to look like through a small virtual window we have a very narrow view. There is always more to the story, the picture, the method and the person then what we get in this setting. I have gained much from on line relationships but most of those have had a context outside the face of their blog or facebook.

As I set out to share my story and recent path I want to start from this point of view. The only comparison to be made is against the gospel and His standard which is one of great GRACE and MERCY. The state of our homeschool, our homes and dare I say our bodies, is not the priority. The state of our hearts is the bottom line. The life HE has called YOU to (1 Corinthians 7:17). When we have a right view of our life in Him we often steward our bodies and environment differently. That will look distinct from one person to another, as it should.

So as I walk down this sharing path remember:

Homeschooling is not the gospel
Home Decor is not the gospel
A fit thin body is not the gospel
A perfectly clean house is not the gospel
Simple Natural living is not the gospel
Organic grain free eating is not the gospel
Natural family planning and breastfeeding is not the gospel
Homesteading and growing your own food is not the gospel
Being artistic and creative is not the gospel
Being an avid reader or writer is not the gospel
Being smart and well liked is not the gospel

Each of us may be gifted in one or more of these areas or have great passion for them,. I do on a few counts. So let us use our gifts, talents and passions for His glory and not to measure ourselves against some imaginary standard or one another.

Aren't these things just a reflection of the gospel in our lives when they hold the right place? A means to steward the resources we have been given to further His glory. The key is that they are only a means and not the end (another blog post in itself). We have to be so careful to keep the truth central and not worship the methods and practices that get us there in our daily lives.

We do not dare to classify or compare ourselves with some who commend themselves. When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise.
2 Corinthians 10:12


Rebeca said...

So true... I have struggled with this too. It's always good to be reminded not to compare!

Tesha said...

Wonderful POST! SO very true. I am really new to the virtual world. I just started my blog in Feb after my Jonathan went to heaven. I never used Facebook and could care less about it. Now I am in a grief support grout on there and it is really important to me. I can see the comparison you are speaking of. I have always felt I was good at many things but not really great at any. You are wise that all those things are not the gospel. I have seen first hand the blogs were everything look perfect and it is sad because I know the truth. I have tried to be very honest in my post writing where I am at on that day. I would love to read the story of Jonah, I saw that you are coming up on his birthday from your comment on Glory to God. Also I would like to invite you to link up with us next week. I just started a Tuesday link up to connect bereaved moms. It is so comforting tome to see other mommies on this path, making it still trusting God. I am blessed to have found your blog :)

Sandi said...

Hi Tesha,

I am so sorry for your loss of little Jonathan. Saying goodbye to a little one is so hard. I am so glad you have connected with some others on this same path. Having others who understand is such a form of comfort and encouragment. The rest of the world goes on like normal but your left facing this grief everyday.
Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

Christine said...

Wise words, friend. Love your writing!

I just saw a snippet of a prior post, regarding your six weeks on and one week off. That is looking very attractive!