Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Fall is my favorite season of the year. I love pulling out my warm socks, hoodies and sweaters. Curling up under blankets drinking good hot coffee is one of my most relaxing past times. This maple mixed with an evergreen is my morning view each day. I have watched it slowly turn vibrant red as the season has progressed.

The big oak drops it's summers work all over our deck. A constant pile of fun for the kids (when it's not raining). A chore in the crisp air when it's finished shedding. We always have fun cleaning up the fall.

Being an American living in Canada I feel I have a double blessing. Thanksgiving here is at the beginning of October. My heart and mind is called a whole month earlier to remember to be thankful. Though we are called  daily to be thankful we make a creative effort during October and November to speak it, and create with it. This year we decided to make our own Thanksgiving tree. We drew it, colored it and put it on the wall. Each circle time we make a leaf or bird and write our thanks and add it to the tree. We are now talking about how to use this tree to also walk through advent.

We love our family tradition of craving pumpkins and roasting seeds. Determined and focused little guys aren't they? I love that little tongue sticking out in concentration. My mom says I did the same thing as a child.

All the bright colors of fall just before the long dark sleeping months are so beautiful to me. So much color to be stored away and remembered during the hibernation. And then, the color greets us again in Spring.

The final result.

Sadly, someone took Isaac's pumpkin on the left and smashed it all over the road in front of our house. He was not a happy camper. He asked me why someone would destroy someone else's cool looking pumpkin. I figured talking about the depravity of man was a bit over his head but in simple terms we talked about the nature of man apart from God.

Happy Thanksgiving this month and all year long.

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Christine said...

What a beautiful view outside your window...and inside your heart! Fall is my favorite too. The trees are bare now, waiting for God to dress them in white. I love the way he dresses trees through the year!