Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy Mess Maker

I used to think messy outside was a reflection of a messy inside. Maybe in some cases it is. For me, I scramble to keep the outside orderly in order to calm the mess inside. Clean house clean heart mentality. I don't like clutter or mess.

God in his kindness has been working on my mess making skills.

Yesterday was day two with very little sleep. My kids still had the same needs no matter my sleep quota. By days end, looking at the outside it appeared life was a wreck. Papers all over the table and floor. Dishes stacked, books laying on most flat surfaces, toys strewn...complete disarray.

Yet, my kids were content. We had learned, played and really laughed (I'll tell you of the zurbert antics another time) till we cried. I even snorted! We lived today in spite of no sleep, messiness and clutter. It was far more important that my heart wasn't a mess with impatience, harsh words and irritation. The huge stack of dirty laundry AND clean unfolded laundry does not reflect the state of my heart. The sticky floors don't mean I'm lazy and unorganized. There is nothing wrong with being organized and on top of the laundry pile. In fact, it happens occasionally. The real problem is when I sacrifice inner peace, grace and resting in Him to keep the outside mess under control. When I am willing to sin against my relationships, my family, my calling as mom then the external mess fixing becomes an idol.

We cleaned up the outside mess eventually...together....willingly (for some in my family that is really hard)....because we spent the morning not letting the inside get messy with trying to control the outside mess.

I'm no longer a happy home maker. I'm a happy mess I can really LIVE in my home and not just manage it. Won't you join the club?

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Tami said...

This post blesses me Sandi. Thank you and have a Happy New Year!