Thursday, September 01, 2011

8 Years Old

Isaac turned 8 years old on August 13th.

We went to the Island to celebrate with family at his request.

He loves ice cream, his cousins and hunting for bugs.

Auntie Patty scored by getting him a safari vest complete with binoculars, compass, lantern and Morse code flashlight. He would have slept in it if I let him.

Handsome happy boy.

We spent the day at the beach and park. Hanging, eating, flying kites and checking out the sand sculpture contest. He had a blast.

Being a goof with his cousins. Love all these little people.

Isaac has grown SO much in the last year.

 He is the bravest boy I know. I couldn't be more proud of him.
He is a treasure and a true blessing to our family.


Cara said...

Eight years old... oh, my goodness.

Happy birthday, Isaac!

Stacy said...

Happy Birthday, Isaac!

(I love your love for your boy, Sandi!)

hugs to you,

Christine said...

Handsome, indeed! Happy Birthday, Isaac!