Friday, August 05, 2011


I have wholewheat, applesauce, dark chocolate chip, oatmeal banana bread cooking in my oven right now.....on this very crisp cool AUGUST morning. What is up with that! The last thing I would crave on an August morning but the smell of ripe bananas, the cool air and the lazy read aloud day we are having just called for some baking.

Can't wait to eat it!

Tonight we are going to the local berry farm to get our stash of blueberries to eat now and freeze for the rest of the year. What a great food day :o)


Christine said...

That looks delicious! What I wouldn't give for crisp cool day! Autumn can't come soon enough here this year. Makes me sad to think of the things we couldn't do because of the extra mosquitoes and humidity. Changes your motivation.

Sometimes I bake things just to dry out the air with the hot oven. LOL

Christine said...

Hi Sandi,

Do you know if we can send a construction paper collage in our envelopes to Compassion kids--one already done? And I was wondering how to get more information on their living how many meals they get per day. Both of my India child's parents are laborers for part of the year and there are only two children in the house, so maybe she has at least two meals, but I don't know. Have you ever tried to find out more from the child development center somehow? I don't want to ask her these questions in my letters, because it just doesn't seem right. Thank you. My e-mail is 44us(at)sbcglobal(dot)net, but I can check back here to, so you don't have to e-mail unless you want to. Thanks again!


Sandi said...

I emailed you :o)

And the weather has been so weird everywhere. Either way to hot or cold.

Joy said...

Yum! I made pumpkin banana bread last night. I love the fall tastes.