Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Peek In My Window 8-24-11

Taking a peek in our window is as good an entry back into blog land as any other. So much preparing, relaxing and decluttering going on right now. And YES, you can declutter and relax at the same time. I find the former very relaxing and stress releasing. I do find little time for it most of the year so I tackle it over the summer. Can't wait to go into our new learning season with a spacious house and mind.

What's Happening Today?

Spending part of my day preparing for a friend to come visit tomorrow. I haven't seen her in almost 10 years. She was one of my dearest friends when I lived on Mercy Ships many moons ago. She hasn't meet my two youngest children. It will be short but I am sure a sweet visit.

The boys spent much of their morning hunting down flies, wasps, leather jackets and various other flying things to put in their bug collection. It is the most adorable thing to watch Eli follow his big brother around the yard with his dinosaur gumboots on the wrong feet saying "Go Ikey". We did have a sting this morning. Before you think me a bad mother....there is no stopping my 8 year old when he gets bug hunting in his head. He did return to his hunt after some ice and TLC but he IS demonstrating more caution. What is it with boys and the need to hunt?

The girly spent almost of an hour creating her animal magazine. Can't get this one out of a book or away from a pencil or keyboard. Something I said SO many times today. Please put the book down and go do_____.

Isaac turned 8 this summer.

Another biggie.....I have lost 20lbs since mid March this year. WOOT!

On My Mind

Mostly our new learning year. Getting things together. In the past that mostly meant the routine, the books and lists. Those have been prepared and thought through but most of my time is being poured into intentional living and learning. I am wanting to live well whatever comes more then rely on "The Plan" to get me through. I have been reading about building habits the Charlotte Mason way and have particularly enjoyed this downloadable e-book. It is short but full of good stuff. It compelled me to order the book Laying Down Rails. This little e-books explanation of why nagging doesn't work was an real eye opener for me. It would be well worth your read if you haven't already.

"What we must guard against in the training of children is the danger of their getting into the habit of being prodded to every duty and every effort" (Vol. 3, pg 39) Charlotte Mason

I'm Reading

~ Lots of Charlotte Mason. Including Vol 1. Home Education of Children Under 9

~ Give Them Grace Dazzling Your Kids With the Love of Jesus ~ Elyse Fitzpatrick

~ Learning In Spite of Labels Practical Teaching Tips and A Christian Perspective of Education ~ Joyce Herzog

~ Into the Wilderness ~ Sara Donati (I have already read this series of books while pregnant with Eli. There are 5 or 6 in the series. I want to read them again. I fell in love with this family and all they lived through in the late 1700's. It is on many levels a love story but one with backbone based around real history. I think there is another book out in the series that I haven't read yet.) Just an added note: Now that I am 300 pages into this series again, be warned there are some parts that are way more love story then I remember. I love the character development and the time period but didn't remember the other.

~ Enjoying hanging out in Timothy and Titus right now.

But when the goodness and loving kindness of God our savior appeared he saved us, not because of works done by us in righteousness but according to his own mercy.....Titus 3:4-5

So glad it's ALL about His mercy and not my works!

I'm Creating

~ A prayer journal

~ Yummy healthy food. This is a big priority around here.

~ Tons of pre-school activities for Eli  (I am a closet hand laminator. I love it)

~ Workboxes for our upcoming learning year.

~ Routine for the fall....little by little each day.

I'm Listening to

~ Nothing but the birds and the wind in the trees (so happy right now)

I'm Grateful for

~ The new therapy person starting next week. God worked the details our so well and it was pretty effortless. Hard to express just how grateful I am. Last time it was a nightmare.

~ Isaac has come ALONG way in the last several months. So thankful for progress forward however slow at times.

~ Eli is a chatter box now. Can you believe it! I can't get him to STOP talking. He still needs speech therapy but his words sound like words and not grunts, so we are moving up in the speech world. He says the cutest things now.

 When He falls he turns to me and says "Me kay mom, me kay". That's his way of letting me know he is okay. He says "hebby" for heavy. He counts everything by saying 1,2,3, 8,9,10. Can't tell ya how good it is to hear this kid talking. He brought me a toy with a word on it and said "wha say mama?". He already gets that words have meaning and they are related to talking. We are out of the woods people!

I'm in Faith for

~ A new therapy year. This last one was not stellar to say the least. It is a long story that honestly I don't care to share. The learning curve as a parent  to find help and care for your child on the spectrum is a three ring circus and that's an understatement. It is overwhelming. I think we are on a good track with the right people now. Pray for and with us as we walk this year out?

~ A new learning year. I am the one who has received the education over the last year or so as I have tried to help my son learn.  Hopefully in other posts I will flesh this out more as time allows. But I do know we are coming at learning from a different angle with a new and better idea of where we are headed and how to get there.

~ Being mom to a pre-teen girl, a young man with Asperger's and a high energy fun loving determined toddler

The Gospel  In Today

I am basking in grace folks. It's where I find my peace. my rest, my sanity. As the scripture above in Titus is all MERCY and not works. Meditating on this one piece of scripture informs my every move. I don't have to be perfect yet I need to work hard. I don't need to get it right but I need to serve others. I can give and give because he gave and gave and is still giving to me. I don't have to earn anything and I love that freedom as I lay my head on my pillow at night.


Cara said...

So grateful for God's good work in your life and your family's life, Sandi!

Much love to you all.

Stacy said...

1. You CANNOT just say "I've lost 20lbs since March." I would like to know the details, thankyouverymuch. (What are you doing to lose the weight?) Great work! :)

2. I've always considered buying that Laying Down the Rails book but haven't yet... let me know how you like it.

3. HOORAY about Eli chatting! Love it. :)

Nepper Lady said...

Thank you for this in-depth update. Great to hear all that is going on in your family.

Sandi said...

Thanks Ladies!

@Stacy ~ you and I are so alike...I like details too. The first 10 lbs came off by doing the HCG diet (just google it) but I cannot recommend it. Though I lost weight and other friends did better then I did, it restricts calories too much and I had terrible mood swings on it and total body weakness all the time. The next 2-3lbs was just hard work :o)Then my doc said there was a new med out that could help with my PCOS and metobolic problems and it IS working. With effort of some exercise and mostly diet I am losing. It is so nice to try and actually get somewhere. Before I could restrict my diet and exercise my bum off and get NO where. I also have made a big committment to turning my aversion to cooking around and am working hard at scratch whole foods even more so then before. Also staying away from refined carbs except very oocassionally. So there is the scoop. I am SO grateful for the meds. It is so discouraging to try so hard and get no where.

Christine said...

Love, love, love this post! So encouraging to read about your peace and reliance on grace. Just perfect! I will pray as you suggested here for your family!

My little one (2 yrs., 8 months old) is now understandable to the five of us who spend our whole day with her (especially with context). My husband has a harder time understanding her since he only sees her for an hour before bed and then on weekends. I will probably refer her for speech after the new year if she isn't more intelligible by then.

Great to read about Eli's progress! They are all so unique and don't they teach us such patience as we watch them develop?

Sandi said...

So appreciate your prayers Christine! Glad to hear your little one is talking more. It is hard to know when to pursue help because each one IS so unique.