Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer or Fall?

Okay, well......summer isn't going as blissfully as I had hoped.

You know.....sipping iced tea on the deck while the kids glide down the slip and slide all afternoon while I occasionally look up from my book. The many park days and dirty boys at the end of the day. The tons of books I planned to read and new summer recipes I'd hoped to try. The almost 3 year old that would be potty trained by now.

It has rained more since summer started then it did in spring or at least it feels that way. I am not complaining, it is far better then 112 degress on the East coast right now. Me no-do-good with hot!

What the weather has meant is more time inside then anticipated.

In my world there has to be structure or action due to one very handsome fellow in my house. So, with very little action we are returning to more structure in the form of STATIONS. I am hoping this will help calm everyone to have a plan and a place each day we are home.

So hear it is in my own chicken scratch:

(If you click on the picture it will enlarge)

I gleaned the idea here and modified it to fit my fam jam and our particular needs. I have a feeling that once this becomes a routine, which may take a week or so in itself, there will be more peace around here. I can also see this as an easy slide into a fall schedule if we keep calling them stations. There will simply be more learning stations.

I am doing much thinking and processing about our upcoming learning year. Honestly, I have moments of panic about it. Our therapy team is once again changing which means we are on the hunt for the right person. And I am working on making some big changes in how I teach my middle guy. He is SO resistant to learning and we are both tired of feeling like war breaks out over words and numbers. I am seeking, asking and researching how to turn him on to loving learning. He may lag behind in some scope and sequence but if he hates to learn we have lost across the board.

A post to come on this soon if time allows.

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Christine said...

My oldest is the same--action or structure. I know this stress! It's hard on everyone.

I will be praying for your schooling needs. Mine resists every subject except reading and science--both of these he loves. I have let go of any grade level expectations because they assume a certain maturity level. His impulse control, at age nine, is similar to a two or three year old (not all day, but enough that it's exhausting for all of us).