Sunday, July 10, 2011

One Thousand Gifts (catch up)

I have still been recording my gratitude with pen and paper while I have slowed my writing online. I thought I would just catch myself up  in one blog post.

I have recently been going back and looking at old posts. There is so much of our life typed out on this blog. A whole five years worth! I want to back it up somewhere. Any ideas how you do this? Still can't believe I have been telling our story here for five years already.

Here goes....

282. Tonia and other online friends
283. Listening to Ann talk about "living where you are, fully living-giving thanks-looking for beauty"
284. encouragement to SEE Him in whatever means it comes
285. boy puckered lips
286. sleep-sweet sleep
287. Romans 8:34 - intervention
288. a child's obedient response
289. blessing of pouring out cares to Him
290. Isaac's spontaneous "I Love You" hug this morning
291. my new bike
292. sore bum and jelly legs
293. soaring down hills in rain
294. sa-boo (means slipper in baby boy words)
295. patiences even without sleep
296. our differences reflecting Him- all of us
297. fearless grace
298. remembering to learn with not just teach
299. a husband who grocery shops!
300. fresh clean sheets
301. three busy kiddos under foot
302. I don't have to get it right all the time
303. sun after rain
304. handwritten words in the mailbox
305. chocolate milk mustaches
306. clean counter tops
307. big girl chosen in writing contest
308. my girl being published at 11 years old
309. boy-mama love
310. boys making connections
311. bike riding as an entire family
312. Colossians
313. new fresh clean journal
314 new prayer journal
315. my girl who plays piano beautifully (great recital bug)
316.forgiveness for grumpiness
317. confidence in His grace
318. college level science labs to explore
319. only 4 math lessons left
320. God words on boy wall
321. sun over rain
322. Rosetta Stone French (no more excuses now)
323. The amazing help we receive in Canada for special need' grateful!
324. gospel grace
325. moments of clarity-seeing truth well
326. that "help" in my time of need
327. birds singing in early morning
328. the neighbors new baby
329. still using my duvet on June 1
330.friends in Philippines with Compassion
331. big girl smiles and giggles
332. Biology classes for 11 year olds at the local Christian University-so much fun
333. bike rides to the library
334. Refreshing Reeds book club
335. new trampoline
336. fresh sight to see the way to go
337. weeds that flower beautifully
338. boy helpers in the kitchen
339. books that stir my soul
340. His word that builds up and reminds me to build up with my words and actions
341. kind, gracious, restorative, refreshing sleep
342. gloves and trowel
343. rich, dark, life giving soil
344. quiet to dig weeds
345. 2 year old "mama dan" (mama dance with me)
346. a church who loves Jesus and really cares for people


Melanie said...

For future posts change your settings so that when you publish a post it's also emailed to you. Instant backup!
I recently won a copy of Ann's book at an auction - I"m really enjoying it.

Sandi said...

Thanks for the tip, will have to do that.

Let me know what you think of Ann's book. I have SO enjoyed it.