Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Few Quiet Moments

I wanted to slip in and say hello.

I have a rare bit of time to myself. I am not feeling the best and my stellar man is doing dinner and hanging with the kids while I chill in my bed. He has had long hours and am so grateful (though I wish it wasn't due to feeling yucky) that he came home early today.

We are done with school officially, though we are doing a little over the summer to make next year lighter.
We are enjoying the lazy days and more time to do whatever strikes our fancy. Waiting for the sun to come and stay while.

I just recently finished a book called Practicing Affirmation by Sam Crabtree. Such a great book for an ole' perfectionist tendency girl like me. I have come along way over the last few years but I tend to tow a line and then find myself frustrated when I or they don't reach it. More grace! This book is a help in speaking those words of grace.

"Affirmation is like an invigorating sudsy shower after a long day of manual labor. It's like a cool rain after a long, hot dry spell, It delivers a combination of relief, respite, hope, optimism, satisfaction, and energy. It's life giving. It blesses."

I want to do this for my husband
I want to do this for my kids.
I want to do this for my friends
I want to do this in my church.

Live giving words.

Speaking out loud the "God at work" I see in people. To actually say the things I SEE in others not because they are so fantastic (flattery) but because He is showing up in them, being made in His image. Not waiting for some finished product but offering daily, the hope of grace at work in each and everyone of us.

A group of ladies at my church read this and then discussed it. Such an encouraging and refreshing time. A book club has evolved from this called Refreshing Reeds. Our next book is A Praying Life by Paul Miller. So excited by what God is going to do in our times together.

More quotes to come:o)

Now off to watch a movie all by myself. Pearl Harbor or Seabiscuit? Can't decide.


Cara said...

Sounds like a GREAT book! So much to read, and not nearly enough brain power...

The Praying Life is super. I haven't finished it yet, but I've richly enjoyed what I've read so far.

Good to hear from you, friend. Love you.

Christine said...

I pray tonight that your illness subsides before morning!

Love your heart.