Monday, March 21, 2011

# 281

This is the only entry I have made in my 1,000 gifts notebook this week but it's a good one!

#281 ~ Aaron burping the alphabet while the kids gutted themselves laughing. Even Journey started laughing and she is mortified by any passing of any kind of wind :o) We were even at the dinner table (against mama's better judgement at first)!

Who says there aren't special occasions for being goofs? I LOVE hearing my children laugh and I even joined in once I got past being the manners police.

So if my children visit your house and then proceed with the alphabet in this manner, please call my husband and not me.

A joyful heart is good medicine.  Proverbs 17:22

Something to Ponder Today

"How do you see your children? What informs your mind when you look upon their sweet faces? Do you see them through the eyes of Jesus? Do you focus on them as someone to police or correct–or someone to love and serve, understand, protect, love and instruct?

As in all great work, it requires so very much time, effort, work, fortitude, faith and patience. But raising Godly children is of the most important work in eternity."

Read the entire post at I Take Joy.

I come from the background of formula parenting and and being "productive" as the highest priority. Though I have come a long way in the last several years.....I have a long way to go. I so appreicate Sally's heart and wisdom in parenting and loving our children.

I am looking forward to the remainder of her posts on parenting.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Giving Thanks In Ink

Isn't this an adorable notebook? Frugal (aka the dollar store) and sweet. I love that it is spiral at the top. Makes it easier to leave it open all over the place for inking out the many gifts in my day.

I originally started my gratitude journal on paper. Over time without really noticing I was only recording my list online. The less I used paper the less I wrote down, the less I really watch for the gifts, the less present I was with my thanks. So, I have started writing everything from number one into this cute little notebook in order to have it all in one ink and paper place. I will always prefer words in ink no matter where technology takes us.

Now, I leave my notebook all over (the kitchen mostly) and am really catching the gifts as they come. There is something about seeing the gift and lingering over it as it is recorded that makes it stick with me. When I was only writing on the computer, I had to strain to remember when I finally got to sit down. Much better this way :o)


~ long walks with good friends ~ the chirp and song of our new bird ~ the peace of not comparing ~ loving right where I am ~ boys making peace ~ belly laughs over feathery friend ~ "mama, can you tuck me in?" ~ frost and sunlight under evergreens ~ little signs of truth posted on my path ~ breathing, laughing, curious kids ~ blueberries ~ bike rides on rainy days ~ free dog shows ~ 5-HTP

Sunday, March 06, 2011


My friend Tonia is starting a series on walking in peace. This is something I long to walk out in my daily life... living His peace on the inside no matter what is happening on the outside.

You will be blessed by her words and experience.

Keeping the Peace - a series

Which Ruler Will You Choose?

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Just a Glimpse

The words written have been few but not for lack of thought or full life lived. I am finding the spread between an (almost) 11 year old and a 2 year old with a very original out of the box 7 year old in the middle to be.....well, time consuming. Doing the pre-teen girl chat contrasted with hearing the same word over and over (mama,mama,mama,) is such a privilege but tiring on a good day.

There have been many changes going on with Isaac's therapy.

We are pretty sure the Eli has apraxia of speech. Which in a nut shell is a muscle/ neuro related speech delay. We have many appointments related to this going, on top of Isaac's schedule. It is a very busy time around here.

A little peek in.......

 Happy w/ himself. He loves to draw. I can get him to do almost anything if he can draw a picture of it.

 Working together side by side. A skill that doesn't come easy to some of us. And with Eli's limited words his frustration level is easy crossed.

 Our new family member, Citrus the budgie. Our friends passed this little birdie on to us after their pair laid eggs. We are all enjoying our new feathered friend. Journey especially loves her new pet. They are two peas in a pod.

A playmobile windstorm on sippy cup lids. Water play is always a hit around here.