Monday, January 17, 2011

Choosing the Small

Choosing to SEE the small, 
The insignificant moments,
The little things as the great treasures they are.
So much to mark as grace,
So much to give thanks for.


~ Eli's new facial expressions (they are many)
~ Eli's slow coming but progressive attempts at words.
~ Boys and snow
~ Boys and snowballs
~ The wonder of white in his eyes

~ sweet love of big sister and little brother
~ her begging for a baby kiss
~ him sticking out his cute little lips
~ the belly laugh when she tickles
~ the push and grunt when he has had enough

~ big boy and new bike
~ his love of the color red
~ his joy over anything with wheels
~ his desire to go fast and feel the wind
~ his love of nature

~ my boy and his toys
~  his passion for flying and wings

~ cousins
~ sleepovers
~ late night giggles
~ life long friends
~ each girl a gift, gift, gift

1 comment:

Cara said...

My goodness, your girl could be a sister to those cousins! Pretty girls.