Monday, January 31, 2011

My Man

This week my gratefulness is centered around the things I love and appreciate about my husband Aaron.

He is a very loving, kind and patient man. It is a good thing because he lives with me!

#241 - #255

~ He reads the kids scripture before bedtime.

~ He comes home to me every single night.

~ He works very hard everyday to take care of us.

~ He commutes long hours to get to that job that takes care of us (1 hr 45 min. one way)

~ He always tells me to "ask for help" instead of stress out.

~ He will take all 3 kids to give me a break and is happy to do so...he nevers makes me feel bad about getting some time to myself.

~ He will fold and put away laundry when I am behind

~ He never says anything about the house when it is a mess...he knows I am working hard too.

~ He doesn't complain when I serve him soup from a can (or even a bowl of cereal ) for dinner when it has been a kid crazy day

~ He buys me flowers sometimes just for the heck of it.

~ He does the dinner dishes pretty much every night after dinner.

~ He brushes teeth and puts the kids to bed every night he is home.

~ He actually wants to hear my opinions, thoughts and ideas (not sure why).

~ He is a servant at heart and loves to help people.

~ He still loves me after 13 years of seeing my true colors.


Christine said...

He's a keeper all right! :)

Aaron M said...

Wow, thank you Sandi!
The only thing I can say to that is... you are worth every second, every long day at work, every dish cleaned, every pair of socks folded and put away, every bowl of cereal, every tooth brushed, every opinion shared.

You make me a better man all the time.

I love you!