Monday, January 10, 2011

In All Things

Giving thanks in all things, a practice I long to grow in, causes me to be more present in this moment.

It changes ..........

how I SEE


how I ACT.

So I begin again, marking the goodness of God.

One hundred ninety one to two hundred ten

~ Sun in winter
~ Ice on boardwalks
~ Walks in peace and quiet
~ Matt Redman leading my heart in worship

~ Ocean and houses
~ Water and rocks
~ Seagulls and clam shells
~ Dogs and tidepools

~ Sunsets at dusk
~ Birds in winter
~ Quiet meditation
~ Hot coffee

~ Snow cap mountains by the sea
~ City sandwiched in between

~ Glimmer of the sun on water
~ Hats, mittens and throwing rocks
~ Baby boots and waddles
~ The grimace of baby against boulder
~ Ice covered logs to slick for walking
~ My peeps and me


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