Sunday, January 23, 2011

Books 2011

I am working out my 2011 reading list. I am focusing mostly on books I already have at this time. I don't know about you, but can tend to get them but not read them right away. There are three still on their way and then I have them all.

I have been ordering from Book Depository over the last several months and love it. No shipping cost even if you order only one book. I like being able to order one at a time and not having to wait till I have over a certain amount like with Amazon. The shipping is a bit slower but that doesn’t bother me. They also don't have everything I am interested in.

A disclaimer......some of these books are exploratory reading for me. Meaning I wouldn’t recommend everything on my list just yet because I haven’t read it. I have spent many years reading almost exclusively doctrine and theologically rich books. It has been an amazing season and so life changing. I am feeling drawn this year toward books on grace and mercy ministries for the most part.

I have decided not to create links except to the bible reading in order to save time. Just mosey on over to Book Depo or Amazon and search away!

The Bible ~

I am reading through the bible with the M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan this year. Two chapters in the morning and two chapters at night. The habit of adding bible reading at night has been a challenge. But I am determined to make it work. I also discovered these commentary/ devotionals that go along with this reading plan:

For Love of God Vol 1 & Vol 2 by D.A. Carson

(Book Depository doesn't carry these)

I like how they provide devotional and explanation along the way. I am no bible scholar and enjoy others thoughts to get my own flowing. We may start reading portions of this as our family bible reading.

Book list to follow this week.

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