Sunday, January 30, 2011

Books 2011 (finally)

This year I have a gnawing desire to see grace and mercy in action.

Over the last several years God has done a work in my heart to show me His grace and mercy. I have grown so much in my understanding of His grace toward me. I have learned to apply and preach the gospel to myself regularly which is something that I never knew I needed to do. This one practice has changed my life. It has addressed shame, guilt, condemnation and learning to rest like no other spiritual discipline. The gospel isn’t just for the salvation process it is for the everyday life until I get to heaven process.

Now, I am more hungry to see grace at work outside of myself. I want to be more about giving mercy and grace away, like the free gift that it is and has been to me. I want to walk this out more with my kids and husband, with others and their stories and with those most in need. I am not sure what that actually means but I trust God to show me.

All that said, my reading list is very different from my typical fare. Much less theology and more real life application. Some of these books I have not read so bear that in mind as you browse for reading suggestions.

There are more books here then I will probably read. Just the nature of who I am :o) I  am always reading more then one book at a time.

I will mark the ones I plan to read for sure and leave the hopefuls blank. I have left off links to save myself time. :o)


Love and Respect ~ Dr. E. Eggerichs *

The Ministry of Motherhood ~ Sally Clarkson *

Age of Opportunity ~ P. Tripp *

For Women Only ~ S. Feldhann *

Families Where Grace in In Place ~ J. Vanvonderon

Grace Based Parenting ~ T. Kimmel

Amusing Ourselves to Death ~ N. Postman

Organized Simplicity ~ T. Oxenreider (half way through this one)

Real Learning ~ E. Foss * (I try to read one home education book a year)

The Shallows What the Internet Does to Our Brains ~ N. Carr

Spiritual/ Missions

One Thousand Gifts ~ A. Voskamp (been waiting forever to get this... hopefully this week) *

Don’t Waste Your Life ~ J. Piper (finished already…great book)

Respectable Sins ~ J. Bridges *

Spiritual Rhythms ~ M. Buchanan

Too Small to Ignore ~ Dr. W. Stafford *

The Hole In Our Gospel ~ R. Stearns*

Soul Survivor ~ P. Yancy * ( He talks about the 12 people who shaped his life)

The Gift of Pain ~ P. Brand (more on this one at the end) *

Autism /Special Needs

Finding Your Childs Way on the Autism Spectrum ~ Dr. L Hendrickson (finished)
 ~Best book to date on living daily with this…she is a mother of an autistic child, a Christian and a psychologists.

Help Your Anxious Child ~ Rapee (finished)

The Way I see It ~ T. Grandin * (half way done)

Thinking In Pictures ~ T. Grandin *

Boys Should Be Boys ~ M. Meeker


The Healthy Family ~ S. Richards (working through this…love her meal plan ideas)

The End of Overeating ~ D. Keesler *

Real Food ~ N. Planck *

Novels /Others

House Rules ~ J. Picoult (almost done.. the plot is about a boy with Aspergers. She writes from his perspective and it is such good insight at times. Just be warned there is language and the plot is based around a murder but with very few details.)

Oliver Twist ~ C. Dickens *

The Man Who Was Thursday ~ GK Chesterton *

I will read other novels as they come along.

I have saved the best for last. I am re-reading my most favourite book ever this year. I think this is my fourth time through.

The Gift of Pain ~ Dr. Paul Brand/P/ Yancy ****

It follows Dr. Brand’s life story and his work with leprosy patients in India. It is not for the faint at heart. It deals head on with pain. I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who wants to read it, but it WILL effect you…I promise.

Happy Reading!


Christine said...

Love your list! Do you read after they all go to bed?

I need to get better about finishing chores earlier so I can have a good chunk of time at night. I can't seem to find more than a half hour for reading, and since we don't have TV or a newspaper, I try to read some news too. At times I have missed really big national news.

Stacy said...

This seals it: You and I are TRUE KINDRED SPIRITS.

THAT IS ONE OF MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE BOOKS! (At first I didn't realize it was the same book. The title I own is: PAIN: The Gift No one Wants or something. But 'The Gift of Pain' must be a reprint. I LOVE that book. I read it in college and have recommended it to everyone since. LOVE it. Such an amazing book!

Stacy said...

ps: I like lots of your other book choices, too!

Sandi said...

Christine, I mostly read at night but also weekends. We also have a mandatory one hour (atleast) quiet time. I make myself stop for an hour in the middle of the day in order to keep my sanity especially on weeks my hubby is working really late hours. The baby will usually sleep longer then an hour and I can still get some things done...but that hour is sacred. I read during that time a few days a week...other times I lay on the couch and breathe :o)

Stacy ~ No way! I have never met anyone else who loves that book like I do. It is official... Kindreds we are!