Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Rest of Our year

So enjoying the fall weather that (finally) has arrived. We walked to the library today in drizzle. I love a brisk walk in crisp cool air. This week is our break week. One of the best things I have come to do in my home educating year is taking every 7th or 8th week off. We still continued on with our geography studies and What In the World but dropped everything else. We played scrabble, speed, read more together, did a few organization projects and like today walked to the library at our leisure. I have come to understand the breaks are more for me then the kids even though they enjoy them too. I have to break up the constant routine and have a spontaneous week once in while. It helps me stay the course the other 6 weeks or so. I am finding that the break in routine isn't best for all of us :o). But am trying to find ways to make it work for all of us. I have continued doing basic math and language with Ike as it helps make the transition back to full work load easier. We will return full force until our Christmas break in December.

It has been more intense then normal due to starting a therapy program for Isaac. The process itself has been a learning curve, one that has been very time consuming. It is likened to running a small business. There is interviewing and hiring (and firing if need be) people. There is budgeting, paperwork, scheduling and paying people and it is all on top of daily homeschooling and everyday life. This is definitely not my comfort zone but I couldn't be more grateful for the funding we receive which translates into help for my boy. We truly are thankful to have the means to give him what he needs. I am also grateful for the people God has provided to work with my son. I feel His care in this big time! The program hasn't officially started yet. We are still in the development and training stage. Hopefully we will be in full motion by mid November. I can't help thinking what life will look like this time next year after a full year of help.

I wanted to finish posting our curriculum for this year. Above are the resources we are using for geography and socials. I am so enjoying Ann's word pictures, analogies and weaving of scripture into every fascinating part of God's creation as we learn geography. We are thoroughly enjoying ourselves. What in the World brings current events into our home on an age appropriate level while teaching great thinking skills. I have chosen not to do world history this year. We finished the four year cycle last year and I wanted a break before starting over with the ancients.

On the math front we are using Teaching Textbooks 6 and Life of Fred for Journey. I am using Horizons 1 and Singapore 1 for Isaac. Both of these tend to be on the advanced side, so though he is grade 2 this year I wanted to make sure the foundation was strong. We tried Right Start last year and it bombed for us. It was a good program in so many ways though very teacher intensive. Isaac was distracted and annoyed by all the manipulatives. The games portion is fantastic though.

After we finish with Ann's geography by Christmas break, we then will start Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology. We have purchased the journal that goes with it and are looking forward to do this starting in January.

We are also learning French this year. We are having fun with this little story based phonics program.

I think that sums up our learning resources this year. Whew...been wanting to finish this for awhile now.

Now... on to more weighty thoughts next time.


Stacy said...

It sounds like you guys are the ones who get to hire/try out people for Isaac's therapy? That's amazing. SO great that you get to be so hands on. (Okay, well... maybe not the budgeting and paperwork part of it.)

I keep forgetting that I have Ann's A Child's Geography. I bought it a few years ago when the kids were still too young for it. This inspires me to go pull it out and see if we can fit it in, somehow.

Love to you, friend!

Sandi said...

Hi Stacy,

We do get to choose who comes to work with Isaac. The system in Canada is so helpful. There is flexibility with how we can use the funding we receive and for the ost part it is parent directed.

I love how Ann compares what they are learning to everyday things. Really helps Isaac connect with what we are reading aloud.

Cute pics of A too!