Saturday, October 16, 2010

Being Stirred

God has been working on my heart in SO many ways. A crash course in actually living grace instead of simply reading and talking about it has started me on a journey. It is a road that is unfamiliar to me yet one that was planted long ago as a child longing to adopt from Africa. I am excited and terrified all at the same time. I don't like the unknown...left to myself I like to control my world. Fortunately, I am not left to myself. God has a plan and a story he is weaving...the BIG story and my little story. It all works together for my good and His glory.

I REALLY want to live the gospel. Not just learn about it, talk about it, listen to it and then discuss it. I want more!  I don't want to just know how it applies to does it make a difference in the world, in other peoples lives. Don't get me wrong....we need to learn and understand truth and apply it to ourselves before we can effect others but how long do we take to do that? When do we take what we know, what we have been so generously given and give it away...possibly at great cost to ourselves?

Now, before you think I am on some high horse, think again. I am terrified. I have a few ideas of what God may be asking me/us to do but not totally yet. I am tired of living for myself. This life has been bought with a price. I want to live by pouring that grace received out for Him, not so I can be comfortable, successful, well taught and happy. There is SO much more.

Some reading that has effected me lately...

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Julia said...

Praying that the Holy Spirit will guide you and your family as you consider all that He desires of you!!

Stacy said...

Oh, Sandi.

That stirring? Me, too. That post of Ann's had me crying and nodding and I made Mark read it when he got home from work.

Praying, seeking, wondering what God is calling *us* to.

Love to you!