Monday, September 06, 2010

Kicking Off A New Learning Year

(Just a random cute picture of my baby boy)

Today was the official start to our new 2010-11 learning year. We learn all the time but we are back to more structure. routine and systematic learning. I am excited about this year for many reasons.

The day started off with breakfast out as a family. This is a tradition we have kept since we started homeschooling 5 years ago. Even in the very lean years I started saving up well in advance. The kids look forward to this tradition every year.

After breakfast we head home for our treasure hunt. I wrap all their new school supplies and hide them around the house. I am waiting for my now 10 year old to think this is to "kiddy" but she still loves it. We then organize our notebook and decorate with stickers etc.

Each year I include a new book for each child. This year I gave Journey PollyAnna and PollyAnna Grows Up by Eleanor Porter. I gave Eli a Virginia Lee Burton's Mike Mulligan and More. Isaac was given Make Way For McCloskey. I love his stories, the drawings and just the warmth in his writing. You know it is a good book when you love to read it, look at it and simply just have it in your lap :o) We spent a good part of our morning reading together.

We did a math lesson. Spent time drawing while reading A Child's History of the World aloud. Then went to Google Earth to locate some of the places we read about. I cannot recommend Google Earth enough.

It was a good day.

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