Thursday, August 26, 2010

Will You Please Pray With Me?

I am sure you have noticed the side bar on the right with a very cute little boy smiling. That is Aaron, a little boy waiting for his forever family in Eastern Europe. They (Rob and Julia) are there right now bringing Aaron home. They have run into many obstacles, one major one being little favor with a local judge deciding over their adoption.

They have just been told they have to wait 2 more weeks with no guarantees. They have already had to leave Aaron behind once and that was hard on him and them.

Please pray for them. For favor with the judge. For little Aaron to bond easily and quickly again. For Julia's mama heart (Rob too) to be at peace as they literally have no control over how this goes.

God is good and faithful. Join me in approaching the throne of grace for this little boy and his forever family.

Follow their blog here for updates.

This family are relatives of very dear family friends. God has used their story to stir my heart so deeply for orphans. Not sure what that means for us but God does. My sweet friend Stacy also has adopted and following her story a while back really started my heart down this road of considering adoption.  


Stacy said...

Hi friend!

I *will* pray! Thank you for letting me know to do so!

Have a wonderful day!

Julia said...

Thank you!! That is all I can say. We are overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and concern for us as we struggle through this valley. God is good!