Monday, August 02, 2010

Update of Sorts

It has been full around here on many fronts.

We received the final written report of Isaac's assessment and have lined up some help. Still processing all this on many levels. Though I know the black and white words on the paper do not define my certainly hit hard what they were saying. It is a faith walk and a huge learning curve this Autism Spectrum.

We had to have the school room carpet replaced. Think..... animals and carpet! We spilled water on the carpet and the prior tenants came back to haunt us in a very stinky way. Fortunately, the owners replaced the carpet fairly quickly. And of coarse, if I was going to move EVERYTHING out of the room then I might as well purge, organize and change the furniture around. My last week has been consumed with this as well as the behaviors that come with all the change and non-routine involved. With a child on the spectrum it is a calculated choice.

Now, my learning room is neat, tidy and ready for September. I've threaten to remove limbs if the kids don't put their stuff away....just kidding but it feels good to have it settled. Not only will we do school there but Isaac's therapy will take place in that room. Many new experiences and struggles will happen this year for all of us. One more part of our story will grow and develop in that space. A good plan full of hope.

Much unknown around the corner tends to tempt me to anxiousness but I have this rest about Isaac and about the help we are getting. Not sure what it will look like but grateful for a system that helps meet our needs. God cares for him and us...therefore I need not worry. There was a time when I thought help would never come.

I have been putting much thought into my on-line life. I started this blog over four years ago without really knowing where it would lead me. But for right now I will leave those thoughts for another day.


Christine said...

Praise the Lord for the therapy! Will they come to your house, when the time comes?

I hope you are not thinking of giving up the blog, sister! I would dearly miss your updates and your posts. But I know you'll follow His lead in this, as in all other things.

We're still praying for your daily peace, and for spurts of joy.

Sandi said...

yes, the help comes to me which is nice. This way I can still homeschool Journey without too much craziness. The system in Canada is much different in the states. We get services and funding here for autism that don't cost us a penny outside of our taxes. I am so grateful. I can't imagine needing help and not having access because you don't have enough money.

As for the blogging, it has crossed my mind to close up shop but I'm not there just yet.

Stacy said...

I would be SO sad if you decided to stop blogging, Sandi. I want to say: "Don't EVER stop writing here!" But then, if God ever calls you to step away, you should certainly listen to Him. :) Glad you're still here for now. And if you ever did stop blogging, know that I would need regular updates on your life, girl. :)

As for Isaac, I am so happy you are getting help (and that help comes to YOU!?!?!?! Amazing!) And I am excited to hear where this leads you (and Isaac, particularly)... I am genuinely excited to see the fruits of that in him and in your home. :)

Praying for you, friend! He is faithful!