Friday, August 06, 2010

Story Tellers

I have come close to shutting down my blog for many reasons. One being, my writing juices have not been flowing. My mind is ever at work but the drive and discipline to commit them to words has fallen very short. In fact, there is not a time I am not thinking...well maybe when I am sleeping. Speaking of sleeping, there has been little of that going on around here lately. Insomnia and I are in a battle of the wills.

Another reason for considering abandoning my post is something akin to why Tonia has left the blog world. She has since taken down her last post which I wish I could share with you. We are now sharing our story in hand written letters which I love!

Do I really have something worth saying? Have I already said it? Am I just contributing to more cyber noise? Yes, I love to write but I can do that in a paper journal, which by the way, I still do almost daily. Why do I put my words here?

I have been praying and asking these questions for weeks.

Then I read this and knew it was God speaking to my heart about these questions. I don't know if she is a Christian but God used her words.

Tell YOUR story.


You never know who might be listening.

Those words have not left me since I read them. She is speaking of the autism community that I have recently become intimately acquainted with. But more then that, it made me think of God's community the church. It made me think of how God used the greatest story of all to rescue mankind. How Jesus all through out scripture used parables/stories to help us see relate to godly living. It makes me think of many women I know who have lost babies like I have and have gone on to survive another day, have more babies or not and still love Jesus. We cried together, we prayed together....we listened to each others story. I think of all the adoption stories I have followed that have opened my eyes and changed my heart toward adoption. Or a now dear friend of mine who recently committed herself to the Lord and has come through so much.....she graced my life with her story. I am changed by God's work in her and it now is part of my story. All of these were instruments in the hand of God to build my story.

We are designed for story.

My blog isn't popular or frequently visited. It is not going to impact the thousands or even hundreds but all I am looking for is one. The person who might read my rambles about living with Aspergers, home educating, training little ones, dealing with sin, learning doctrine or whatever I write. We impact each other....we change each others lives with our actions, listening, prayers and words. We share our story and it becomes their story. I have been effected deeply by others words and am so grateful for the writing (and saying) of them.

So I will keep writing and sharing my story here. My words are not profound or greatly important but they are my story.....the story that He is writing for His glory. Our stories are meant to be shared...that exchange.....that sharing of our lives is community, His community built one story and experience at a time. The beauty of it all is He has good stories/plans for each of us every step of the way. Not always easy but always good.

I have created some more strict boundaries about where and what I will be reading on line. More on that next time.


Christine said...

I haven't read the links, but I want to say how much I glean from your posts! You have a lot to say. And you are right....there is so much wisdom in sharing a story with others, for how it benefits them, and for how it reminds us that God has a purpose for our suffering. I think this is how the Lord wants the Internet used--for the sharing of stories that glorify him. Yes, it has its bad points, but God can help us avoid those.

When things are really intense around here, I walk away from my blog almost as if I'm hiding in shame and feeling sorry for myself. It isn't good, and I'm grateful that the blog pulls me back into an attitude of gratitude and toward a Kingdom perspective. It is almost a form of prayer, to get on and start counting my blessings, no matter how awful I feel. Afterwards, I always feel blessed. Without the blog, I wouldn't have the discipline to do it.

I don't have high traffic either, but God has put some sweet people in my path this way. I think I have the traffic he wants, as you do.

I can't think of another way, too, for me to understand intimately how much suffering other people endure. The posts on Africa changed me forever, and any post on special needs or terminal illnesses impact me for the better. When life is hard and intense, knowing that we aren't alone is the difference between despair and just being downcast.

I'm glad you decided to stay around for now. Even if posts aren't regular, I am still blessed by you.

The children love their CD, by the way! They get so happy when it's on. They love dancing to it.

Sandi said...


Thanks for sharing your heart and for your encouragment. The season you are in is "hard". I agree that hearing other stories is helpful and keeping your eyes on Him is crucial.
During my roughest times blogging was a means of processing for me.

We love the CD does just make you want to move. It blesses me that they enjoy it.

jess said...


i'm so moved that my words came to you when you needed them. whether it's through your blog or what appears to be a casual chat with another mother on the playground, i have no doubt that you will continue to tell your story, and YOUR words will be the ones that reach another mom when she most needs them.

God bless,

Jess (from diary of a mom)

jess said...

also, i don't know if you've seen this yet, but it seemed appropriate to share,