Thursday, August 19, 2010

Change is Coming

We are back from our road trip and gearing up for September when the rhythm and routine of fall comes. The days become more structured and less leisurely. I have to adjust to the pressure of the structure gradually. It is one reason I ease into fall by adding things little by little. The kids have soccer camp next week and then we are into our routine a bit at a time. We are already working back into the habit of chores daily and learning new responsibilities.

In the re-thinking of my blog I have cleaned out my google reader. I have grown tired of agenda blogging as I call it and have narrowed my reading. I am sticking with Mommy blogs, Homeschooling, Autism and IRL friends. I was finding myself getting sucked into others peoples agendas and opinions on issues that really are not central. Not that I didn't agree with their opinion it just isn't how I need to spend my time. I am not interested in rants and platforms but just women who love Jesus and each other. There is an amazing community of women who are living a simple authentic life with all it's mess and scratching it out in cyber space. I find great encouragement there....listening to their stories. I am searching for quiet rest in a simple life online and off.
So as we settle into our new season I am drawing some hard fast boundaries with this here computer. I find I have to do this every so often or I get sucked in much like I do if I watch TV. I recently cut out an article in our local paper entitled "Will those 'glowing rectangles' make us stupid? I've hung it near my desk as a reminder to make sure I have more face time with my people then I do my screen. To live a simple life requires me to steer clear of glowing screens too much. It will be interesting to see what writing looks like this fall.
There are many changes coming. Grade 5 is a bit more intense this year adding a foreign language. Isaac will have therapy 4x a week for 2 hours a day, as well as, working through grade 2 and I have a very cute toddler who will need speech therapy. This deoan't even include simple hang time with the kids plus everyday life stuff. The trenches feel deep and wide but God's grace is deeper still. One day at a time.
I have been reading at Ann's this week and her post have met me almost everyday this week. Take a stroll over if you haven't already and be encouraged. She speaks of women friends in such a real way. I want to BE that friend and never take for granted those who have made that commitment to me. Her heart on priorities and homeschooling encouraged me and made me return to the roots of why I am home, my kids are home and that daily with grace based effort I will love Him with all my heart.


Christine said...

I also loved all of Ann's posts this week.

Hope you had a nice time on your vacation!

I'll be in prayer as you transition into fall schedule.

Stacy said...

I am so grateful for you, friend. Thankful for your posts, here, and your like-mindedness in so many areas. God is calling me, too, to less screen time and more face time (He always does when I take a break from the computer!) I have cleaned up my reader, too- and need to do more of that as well.

Love to you, Sandi!

Sandi said...

C ~ So grateful for your prayers and encouragment.

S ~ Right back at ya! So grateful for your words, ideas and thoughts. And following your adoption story changed my world.

Love ya