Monday, July 19, 2010

Lazy Summer days

#164- #190

~ Beautiful gardens
~ Design that grabs the eye
~ Hens and Chickens made appealing
~ Color in nature

~ Diversity of flowers
~ Fireworks in plant form
~ Botanical sea urchins

~ Boys and squirrels
~ Peanuts
~ Fascination with all things in motion

~ Family walks
~ Baby runnings (aka chubby waddles)
~ Big girl sprints
~ Middle man leading the way looking for the next nature thrill
~ Mama in the rear taking in all she loves
~ Baby boy
~ Bottles
~ Spaceship slippers in summer
~ Remote control monster trucks
~ How boys pile their favorite things

~ Massive tomatoe plants
~ Sea soil that makes then grow
~ Making my own food from my own sweat
~ Water hoses and little boys
~ Water gun fights
~ Weeding at 7am in PJ's and gum boots

holy experience

1 comment:

Mrs. Nepper said...

I can so relate to this list. Many of my favorite things in summer too. And hey, our tomatoes look like they might be related, yet I have no sea soil to speak of. Mind you, its been the rainiest summer ever here on the Prairies, so I suppose that helps!
Enjoy those lazy summer days!