Friday, June 18, 2010

Blog Break

Photo credit H. Evans

Life is intense on many fronts. My husband is working crazy hours. We start Isaac's assessment in a few short days. The yard needs attention as does the house and well.... there are kids around here who need attention too...some more then others.

I have this love hate relationship with google and I just need to shut the research down and live.

So, I am outta here at least till the end of June if not longer. I need to clear my head with fresh air, a good book, coffee with a friend and NOT a computer screen. I need to stop escaping into a virtual world and engage fully with the living one.

Love to all my blogger friends.

See you soon.


mamabear said...

I for one will miss you, dear friend. Enjoy your break. I'll be praying during this next week especially regarding your appointments.

Stacy said...

Love to you, sweet Sandi.

I hope you are able to get that fresh air, a good book, and coffee with a friend.

And I hope Isaac's appointments go well.

Blessings to you and yours!

Stacy said...


mamabear said...

Covering you and your family in prayer!