Friday, May 21, 2010

You Know You Really Need To Do Laundry

When this your dinner conversation.

A little back story. My husband works in an office where he needs to look nice on a regular basis with clients coming and going. So I have tried to be more diligent at ironing his shirts faithfully. Still working on the faithfully part.

So in good wife fashion I dropped this question at dinner last night.

"So honey, do you have a shirt for work tomorrow? I'd be happy to iron one before I go out"

My husband in his charming way says "Actually, what I really need are some clean underwear"

We both burst out laughing. He wasn't kidding but it was just SO funny.

Thankfully I have a guy who gets that between home educating our kids, his work schedule, a very passionate six year old and daily life there are a few things that slip through the cracks. Underwear shouldn't be one of those things but hey...can't be perfect :o)

Can you guess what I am doing this weekend?

Hope you enjoy yours and have nice clean underwear too!

As a side note I'm really craving one of these.


Melanie said...

I've been one point James just went out and bought new underwear. I so thankful he is gracious about things like that!

Melanie said...

PS If you come visit this summer I'll make you one!

mamabear said...

Mine has to dig through a basket to find his. :) I know he hates doing that so this is a good reminder for me to stop reading and go fold.

Have a great weekend!

Jorge and Karen Silva said...

Yeah, it´s always uncomfortable when underwear slips through the cracks! LOL!!

Mrs. Nepper said...

Too funny! I love how men can be so nonchalant about such things!