Thursday, May 13, 2010

Measure of Sucess ~ Part 2

I am sure that "Success is Mess" would never go over well as a motto or bumper sticker in our culture. Being a successful mess just doesn't sound all that appealing or fulfilling. Couldn't be more far from the truth. Being filled up is where it's at, just not with the stuff we do.

You know that feeling ....that rushes over you when you've crossed everything off the To Do List, the kids are sleeping soundly, the kitchen is clean. You know the "I did it" feeling. That's what we crave everyday, that feeling of satisfaction.

But it's counterfeit!

We crave finding rest in what we do. There is a more true real satisfaction that has nothing to do with dishes, clean floors, organic natural food or the perfect homeschool curriculum.

It's a satisfaction that finds joy and peace with five loads of folded put away laundry or five loads piled in the corner of your bedroom. A deep fullness no matter if dinner is organic from scratch or from a can. A present rest if there is $2 or $20,000 in the bank account.

True satisfaction is unrelated to our duties. The things done or left undone. The victories and failures that mark everyday life.

His death is our perfection so we don't need to be. We don't have to pay for those imperfect moments, as is our due. The payment has been made.

What more relief or satisfaction could we want?

You don't have to work harder.
You don't have to be better.
You don't need to be more then you are because.....


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tonia said...

ENOUGH is such an important word for me these last couple of years. so good to read your thoughts and encouragement here.

Erin said...

So Good Sandi! Thanks for the reminder!! Such rest in that!