Thursday, May 06, 2010

Measure of Success ~ Part 1

What is our measure of success?

This battle with perfection has been one I've fought for much of my life. Failure being the barometer of my worth and feeling like I just didn't measure up. I knew there was joy and freedom out there in Christ but it just always eluded me.

What was my measure of success?

It was to never mess up, to never fail or fall short but to get it right every time. It wasn't a blatant thought but an expectation that flew under the radar waiting to make it's appearance the minute I messed up. And trust me, there were and still are ample mess up moments.

If I could obtain my measure of success I would not need to be rescued.

I would have no need to be saved.

His death would have been absurd.

I don't need to be better, more organized, smarter, thinner and more together.

I need to change my measure of success.

Success is surrender
Success is dependence
Success is letting go
Success is mess

In that mess I've tasted joy ~ the everlasting kind not dependant on me but in the unearned, undeserved grace and mercy extended to me, overflowing in every moment of every day.

That is my measure of success.....what He has already done not what I can or will do.

More to come.....


mamabear said...

A very special post! Praise God for the joy!

Cara said...

Yes! Yes!

We just had a women's conference with Elyse Fitzpatrick... I think the messages are online at CLC's website now. They are SO good, and so relevant to this discussion. I would highly recommend them if you have the time (ha!) or desire.

Stacy said...

I struggle with that perfectionism and feeling of never measuring up, too.

Good thoughts, here.

Sandi said...

Hey Cara,

Thanks for the encouragment.

When time allows I will check those out. It is something I need reminding of constantly.