Thursday, May 20, 2010

Life Around Here

It's been busy days around here. I find if I home learn like I really want to there is little time left for anything else. And I have been inspired of late to put more effort into finding ways to read aloud more with a my bouncing and noisy 6 year old boy. That takes time and mental effort.

I am on the learning curve of how to have a toddler who needs to destroy block towers and read Goodnight Moon 10 times a day with a budding young women who wants to hang, talk and do crafts together. Then there is the bouncing, talking, ever passionate middle guy wanting to just be with us all.

Picture this.....big girl at table doing novel study. Little man plopping in my lap with his third book which happens to be Goodnight Moon while middle boy is climbing on to my shoulders to perch and listen. Once I start reading it....big girl drifts over to listen, little man growls at the moon and middle man wiggles back and forth on my shoulders. Pretty comical, but it's my life and worth it. And for the record, today is the first time I actually paid attention to the pictures in Good Night Moon and they are way cool.

Off for more reading.

Good Stuff I've been reading online:


Melanie said...

LOVE it! I know that very scene so well...I think it's one we'll look back and think of as our best days.
Miss you tons! Could use your prayers.

Joy said...

Oh, I resemble that picture, except factor in two more preschoolers. LOL. I loved Goodnight Moon as a child, so I was shocked to discover as a parent that the umpteenth gazillionth reading of it was, well...not so lovable. Heeee.

I love 'peeking' in your window!