Monday, May 31, 2010

Journey to Joy

I have been reading this book during my devotional time. Seems appropriate here. It has been such a blessing. She has a term in her book called "Going Gratitudinal", it has really stuck with me. The last section of the book is a 30 day devotional on growing in gratitude. I started today.

"If I fail to choose gratitude, by default, I choose ingratitude. And once allowed into my life, ingratitude brings with it a lot of other undesirable companions that only succeed in tearing things up, then walking off with my joy. To not choose gratitude-daily and deliberately- is more costly than most realize" pg. 165

This book is practical and convicting. It is a must read in my opinion and one to be revisited again and again.

I have what I call my 3 Anchors. These are the truths that all of life hangs on. No matter what comes my way they help me keep perspective and remind me to have a grateful heart.

(#160 - 163)

~ That my GREATEST need, to be rescued, has already been met. Every other need pales in comparison to this one need. The debt has been paid. I deserve wrath and will never taste it...ever.

~ God has given me everything I need for my life today and a means to live it in a godly manner. He has made promises to me that he will never fail to keep. (2 Peter 1:3-4)

~ This will all come to an end one day. He has made a future for me that is sure. A forever life that will be perfect fullness and satisfaction. This world serves to cause me to long for that one.
There is always hope!

My desire is to wear these everyday. To stand on them, in them and rest on this unshakable foundation.

Some today.....I forget.

And some undesirable companions came marching in my world, tore things up and stomped off with my joy.

Paying a visit to my anchors saved the day. He has rescued me, saved me from myself. He has gifted me everything I need to walk in Him and give Him glory. Not my own perfection but His. And on top of that, He will usher me into a sinless perfection one and wholly satisfied.

Those unwanted companions ran in terror.

I'm Going Gratitudinal!

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Stacy said...

This is something that I feel I always need growth in: more gratitude, more joy.

Oh, how I wish that my default was a grateful spirit, and not a grumbling one! :)