Monday, May 24, 2010

Eli Eyes

He face planted in the gravel at the zoo, poor guy but I just love his expression here

My little man goes in for a little surgery tomorrow morning. His tear ducts have never opened and continue to cause him trouble. It's really not a big deal but they do have to put him out and I don't like it.

Watching him go limp is not up there on my favorite things list. Once you've held and seen your child go limp and make his journey to heaven it's just hard. I know Eli will wake up and that his going to sleep is not for good BUT once you've been there you return there so easily.
Pray for me. I probably need it more then he does. But pray for him too
~ doctors who know what they are doing
~ friends the watch the our big kids (thanks Heather and Sue)
~ friends that will pray for us
~ those green gray eyes
~ that contagious little smile
~ sweet little lips
~ the many cheesy grins I get daily showing that mouth full of teeth
~ how he says "yes" by nodding his head and hissing like a snake
~ a day off for Aaron to come with me

holy experience


mamabear said...

I'm sure sorry you have to get it done. I understand. It took my Peter's one eye well over a year to stop tearing.

I will pray much. Peter also had a hydrocele fixed in his scrotum when he was two. The anesthesia was the most frightening part for us as well. A friend told us to expect him to cry a lot after coming out of the anesthesia, but we never experienced that side effect, thank goodness. It went seamlessly.

Mrs. Nepper said...

Will do, I will be praying for you. I too have experienced this very scary thing far too many times for my preference (the anesthesia).

For Abbi's last surgery Rob went in with her, just because I wasn't sure I was going to be able to handle it, and I think we made a good choice. They actually had him go into the operating room (with scrubs and a cap on). Being a typical man he found it to be terribly interesting... all the instruments, all the people, the size of it all. So yeah, I'm glad it was him.

Praying for Mama especially, Daddy and the little man, that he copes well.

Melanie said...

Praying and trusting God will give you comfort and peace tomorrow!

mamabear said...

I've been in prayer today. I hope everything went well!

Sandi said...

Thanks for your prayers. Crazy day with middle guy and hosting my church care group so haven't gotten around to blogs till now.

All went well. He DID NOT like the waking up apart...never seen him so cranky and mad poor guy.
It really was seamless. Now lets hope the ducts stay open and not heal shut :o)

tonia said...

so glad it went well. praying for a full recovery!

Stacy said...


Glad it went well.