Friday, May 14, 2010

Beautiful Day

Glorious day outside, dear friend coming for dinner...... simple gifts to enjoy.

Have a great weekend.

The little cares that fretted me

I lost them yesterday.

Among the fields, above the sea,

Among the winds at play;

Among the lowing of the herds,

The rustling of the trees,

Among the singing of the birds,

The humming of the bees.

The foolish fears of what may happen,

I cast them all away

Among the clover scented grass,

Among the new-mown hay.

Among the rustling of the corm,

Where drowsy poppies nod,

Where ill thoughts die and good are born-

Out in the fields with God!

~Elizabeth Barrett Browning~

1 comment:

The dB family said...

One of these days I will go to the library and get out a book by or on Elizabeth Barret Browning. I love her stuff!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!