Thursday, April 15, 2010

One Decade

This week my big girl turned ten.

It is hard to believe that this young lady is already a decade old.
At four months she was adorable and fun loving.
Not much has changed.

She is a girl in love with God's creation. Nature and all it's wonders one of her closest friends. This sweet girl loves animals and spends hours reading about them. One of her current projects is making a animal field guide from many different resources. Her first request for her birthday....a trip to the zoo. Another endeavor......learning to draw the things she sees.
She is a creat-er, an observer, a reader, a hug giver and a good friend.

This girl of mine is the best big sister around. So gentle and sweet with her brothers often when they are not so sweet to her. She tells me all the time that she misses Eli`s snuggly stage....those days are long gone. She will often ask to hold him when he has one of his few goat milk bottles. At least then he stays put. This relationship my biggest and littlest have is a special thing indeed.
I love that for her birthday she wanted the whole family to go to the zoo and then hang out at home. She requested her daddy`s present be a day off work so he could come too.
Love this girl more then I can put into words.
So grateful for the gift of her.
I look forward to all God has planned for her and am so thankful I get to be there to be apart of it.


Stacy said...

Happy Birthday, Journey!

(Sandi~ I *love* that first picture of her- same one as on your sidebar. She's so pretty!)

TEN! Wow. I think her and my Ella would get along famously. :)

mamabear said...

She's beautiful! And I'm sure even more beautiful inside! Like her Mama. :)

Sandi said...

Thank you ladies, I really like her :o)

And ya know Stacy, we will just have to get these girls together. We are so close really.