Monday, April 19, 2010

Gift of a Strange Kind

Hard to believe this day has come around again.

Eight whole years have passed since we met and said goodbye to our little man Jonah.

I used to dread this day.

It brought back everything in living color. For the first several years that wasn't a welcome thing. The grief was still day to day and ever present. Now, I welcome the memories. I look forward to walking through that day in detail, looking through the pictures, the memory books, watching the video and walking through our traditions remembering him.

#111 ~ Remembering has become a precious gift.

Intended to write more about our memories but busy making life with my other three kids.
To be contniued......

holy experience


Camie said...

Oh, many blessings...((hugs))


Stacy said...


Love you, friend.

mamabear said...

A beautiful post, Sandi!