Monday, April 26, 2010

Falling Short

I am (ever slowly) becoming more and more grateful for my failures. My inability to do it on my own. My weakness in "getting it right". This lack, these short falls, point me to a place that I would never go by myself.

Failure is like a mirror. It reflects my great need. It makes me thristy for more then myself.

I am finding a freedom in my letting go....... that I never knew existed.

I am tasting small moments where my worth isn't wrapped up in my performance or what I get accomplished. I am not so easily satisfied with these things anymore.

Being me for His glory is enough.

Not a perfect me but a surrendered, humbled, dependant me. This is the place of rest and peace.
If only my heart would remain there.

So I am grateful for (#112-#119)

~ where I can't

~ where I fall short

~ where I am weak

~ where I stumble

~ HIM who can

~ HE who always comes through

~ HIS strength and promises that are my joy and peace

~ HIS never wavering good plan

holy experience

I know it's Tuesday but such is life right now :o)


mamabear said...

God is working. I see it in these words. I know that means there has been pain and some hard days. Happy for you regarding the first, and sorry that the second is so draining. Such a journey, this becoming sanctified.

Jules said...

I really love to read your blog! This was beautiful and such a wonderful reminder. Thanks for sharing! Have a blessed Wednesday!