Friday, March 19, 2010

The Stinky Dilemma

If you remember I did a diaper trial last year. I never really followed up about the diapers we decided to buy.

I bought 15 Fuzzi Bunz One Size and then received two free due to a promotion. They are apple green, periwinkle and the last two free ones are primary yellow. Being the frugal person I am, I wanted them to work for a boy or girl if I needed to resale them.

These diapers were the easiest to use and easiest to clean. Being pockets they separate prior to wash and dry. I hang the outer and then dry the liners in the dryer. Though you can dry the outer cover they will last longer and the elastic will wear slower if they aren't dried. That said, I have dried a few times due to being in a rush.

We have run into a few hiccups with these though. Well, hiccup is a kind word...more like a volcano. My little sweet adorable baby is a pee and poo machine. He has needed both liners from the beginning and he was barely one year old. He wouldn't go longer then 90 minutes without being soaked through with only one liner. So what happens a year from now? They are supposed to go from birth to potty training. I am thinking that they may not be enough if he needed both liners at one year. I tried them through the night and that didn't work either. I have friends who use them through the night and they are fine. I truly think my son is special in the pee department. We tried a size 6 Huggies at night....soaked through. We are now onto size 4 Over Nights and most nights he wakes soaked. They only go up to size 5 so we are in trouble. I am tired of changing sleeper, onsie's and sheets almost everyday.

Then there is the the poo side. This child is like a bowel volcano. Sorry, probably too much
information. FB claims their diapers are practically leak free and that it rolls off into the toilet. Well, not in my house. Nothing rolls anywhere related to a diaper around here. I have trying to decide if I should sell my cloth diapers and just go with disposables. I clothed my older two with fitted cotton diapers and covers. I love cloth diapering but this has gotten a little out of hand.

Does anyone else use Fuzzi Bunz and have similar problems?

I am assuming I would have this problem in any cloth diaper....any suggestions?


Mrs. Nepper said...

My cloth diapering solution is so limited. I just use Mother Ease, and haven't used anything else. We do a "posie," as you call them, at night, just for stink factor. By morning that pee just burns your nose.
But yeah, my Mother Ease have been great, but again, I've never really experienced anything else...including a baby pee/poo volcano :)

Mrs. Nepper said...

Oops, not solution, I meant experience!