Friday, March 26, 2010

A Peek in My Window

What's Happening Today

Today is pretty ordinary. School, lunch, laundry, books and diapers. In between all the ordinary some really neat things happened.

I watched my son pet the neighbours dog. To most that is no biggy but around here.....we are contemplating a party of some sorts. Isaac has been terrified of dogs since he was charged by a (friendly) dog at three years old. At three, a big furry animal running full force at you looks the same no matter if his tail is wagging or not. Since, my boy has never been the same. This dog he pet today also barks occasionally. My son refuses to go out our back door due to this dog barking. He goes out the front door and around the house to the back. So now do you see why approaching this dog (big rottweiler) was nothing short of a miracle. Let's hope this does the trick and I can stop having muddy shoes come through my front door.

Starting tomorrow morning I have my winter (little late) weekend to think through learning for our family. Due to the move it was postponed till spring. The kids and dad are off to the island for the weekend while I hold down the fort....or rather organize and simplify the fort :o)

On My Mind

Where to start? So thinking on relationships and how little time there is for them. We have so many activities, even in the church, that suck all our time. We then have no time to simply be with people, to be purposeful in our relating. How can we love on purpose when we have to whip out our blackberry to check and see if we have the time for it.

Evaluating so much in my relationships and time giving to others. I am finding if I commit to every thing I could do with my church then there is not time left over. And attending meetings with people isn't the same as real fellowship and building. Our church is particularly good at not doing to many things yet I still find that tension.

Maybe it's me? I like slow. I like beauty that can actually be appreciated and savored....not accomplished or managed. I am finding more and more that much of that beauty is people themselves and their stories. People are the eternal things of this world and that's where I want to invest. There was a time I didn't see this clearly.

I am working fiercely at this in my own home right now.

Also on my middle boy and the many things he faces daily. Wondering if we are doing the right things for him.

I'm Reading

Uprooting Anger Robert D. Jones

The NeverEnding Story by Michael Ende

Swiss Family Robinson (with my kids)

Choosing Gratitude by Nancy Leigh Demoss

The Bite of the Mango by Mariatu Kamara

I'm Making

Not a whole lot right now. Still slowly getting settled from our move.

I'm Listening To

My kids play farm Playmobile.

The neighbours dog bark.

The click of the keyboard

My fav CD right now is Come Weary Saints

I'm Grateful For

For the whip, the nails, the crown of thorns....the substitutionary death on my behalf.

He endured so much so I could go free.....there is NOTHING that compares to that.

For Easter..... and the conversations our devotions surrounding it have created. I still don't understand why Christmas is bigger then Easter. I seriously feel like having a big party on Easter.

My family and all that means.

That I don't receive what my sins deserve.

I'm in Faith For

Wisdom for my son and his many struggles.

This road to health I am on

The Gospel In Today

It's everywhere.

The patients of one child to another. The grace extended when justice was easily justified.

The beauty of personality which reflects the creator .

The humble response of a child

The eagerness for truth in the midst of sin

All made possible by The Death that killed death for me and you.

Have a great weekend!


mamabear said...

You're a good friend. Thank you!

Enjoy your weekend!

Stacy said...

I loved this post, Sandi.

And no, it's not just you. I like slow, too. And I agree that relationships, not activities/events, are IT. Sometimes I miss that more of my time cannot be focused on other women, on friendships and growing alongside of each other. For this season my main relationships are Mark and the kids, and it's a good thing, though a hard thing sometimes.

(((Hugs to you, friend!)))