Monday, March 15, 2010

My Part of Heaven on Earth

I have been thinking much on the blessing of my local church. What our family gains from our involvement is literally life saving. I have also been thinking much on heaven lately. When Jesus returns and ALL things are new. One of the recognizable parts of the old earth I believe we will have is our relationships. Not exactly as we knew them now but still recognizable. As I look around my church on a Sunday I often think about how this room full of people are my little part of heaven on earth. These people, these relationships are eternal, they will not pass away as will all the temporary things that consume our time here on earth.

This week I am grateful for these people, these relationships, this building we do with each other that will never end nor parish.

81. My pastors and their families who give their lives to serve us.

82. For gospel centered truth that is preached every week. The commitment to that is a blessing to our family and marriage.

83. For my individual friends and relationships that in detail love, care and have carried me through some very difficult times. (Hi Ladies)

84. The commitment to grow in real biblical fellowship.

85. For the encouragement and correction

86. For the patience and perspective

87. For the cross centered worship

88. For the great discussions

89. For the joy and laughter

90. For the sorrow and suffering

This is an eternal community and that gives me great joy!

P.S. Realized I have very few pictures of my friends in groups...what's up with that?
Most of them I don't have a picture at all....will have to remedy that.

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