Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Map

I have had a heart for Africa since I can remember. As a child one entire wall of my living room was a wall papered world map. I loved to sit and find my way around the world. I remember as a child wanting to adopt a child from every continent in the world. It was mostly influenced by that map. I also believe that map was a seed God planted in my heart for missions overseas. I wasn't a Christian then but it was the start of something.

In my early twenties I took off to YWAM wanting to serve God and in some ways get away. My dream was to go to Africa. I was turned down for the now African Mercy (Mercy Ships) due to a full school and decided to go to the Caribbean instead. My first failed attempt. There were two other attempts at going to Africa, the last being prior to coming to Canada. My husband and I were on a team to go to Mauritania in North West Africa. It's along story for another time.

This all was recently brought back as I was unpacking. I found pictures of the village I lived and worked in while in the Dominican Republic. The orphanages I worked at in Haiti and the Christmas I spent there. That dream of Africa seems so forgotten.

That me, that wanted to live in a grass hut, give up the comforts of home and reach people who had never heard about Jesus. I wanted to go to people who had nothing and give them basics in Jesus name in order to open doors to the greatest need mankind be rescued.

Where has that person gone?

(to be continued...screaming baby calls)


mamabear said...

I wish I could go too! My heart hears you.

Marian said...

You never know how God may fulfill that desire one is a message ALL need to hear!