Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Home Sweet Home

If you have been around here long, you know that our last move in January was our 4th in about 4 years. Nuts eh? I don't disagree. One thing moving often will teach you, is that this is literally not our home. We have learned to let go of much and not to be too picky. It is easy to think my home needs to be a certain way to be content. I have learned to make any place a home where we can rest, relax, learn and grow as a family.

Each time we move the practical aspects of making a welcoming home looks different. It always takes us time to settle in and create new routines and habits in our new space. For example, this current house has a huge laundry space, where our last house had a tiny one. So my laundry routine completely changed here.

In my last house I washed a load a day in the evening and dried it...then folded it in the morning and put it away. I had to stay on top of that or it was laundry volcano in our house. There wasn't a huge amount of space to pile laundry. Not that piling is good but needed at times :o)

This house has a huge space so I can do things a little different. And for the record, putting laundry away is my least favorite task in my entire household. So you must understand my search for a resolution to this little problem. My two oldest children are very able to put away their own clothes which they did do in the old house but sporadically.

I came across a post by Amy at Raising Arrows and found my solution. Though I tweaked it a bit to fit our space and existing turned out great for us.

I already had these stackable colored baskets. Each child has a specific color and then a regular laundry basket for our clothes and linens. I put these on top of our freezer in our laundry mudroom area. I fold through at the day as I can and simply put the clothes in their basket. Each morning after breakfast they check their basket for clothes. If it has anything in it then they put it away. If I haven't gotten to folding laundry they get a free day. I love it because it gives me more flexibility and one less task. I usually have my older son bring the babies basket up and I put it away while the boys get dressed. Other times my daughter will do it for me.

It really works well for us. I am especially enjoying the extra space.

Happy Folding! (because we all know the mound never ends)


mamabear said...

Folding and putting away are my least favorite tasks as well. I don't really know why.. I'm ashamed as my living-room couch is usually full of clean clothes. I read Amy's post a while back but we have a tiny laundry space--behind bifold doors in the dining room.

That is a very nice space!

Mrs. Nepper said...

See its crazy, but I LOVE folding, but hate putting away. Which doesn't exactly go hand in hand.

So I find I just do all the laundry in about a two day period. Take one basket up to one of the kids rooms and dump it in the middle of the floor. Then the kids play around me (or on top of the unfolded stuff...sigh, and sometimes even knock over Mommy's beautiful piles!), and it gets folded and put away, because I'm two feet away from their drawers.

Then for our stuff we happen to have a futon couch in one end of our room (one saving grace of this house, our bedroom is GIANT!), so I dump our stuff on there. The problem is that its much easier to leave it on the futon, rather than in the middle of the floor. So perhaps I should try the floor method in our room too ;)

But yes, I'm a get 'er done kind of girl, so I only spend about 2 days a week doing laundry, rather than bit by bit.

Stacy said...

Yay! What a great solution, Sandy! :)

Stacy said...

I have NO idea why I just typed your name with a "y". I so know it's Sandi, with an "i".