Sunday, January 17, 2010

Help Haiti

I spent the Christmas of 1994 in Haiti. I remember it being the only Christmas that I truly sweat through. It was hot! My most vivid memories are of the children, the orphans in particular. The poverty there is none like we in North America would ever understand.

It is hard to hear and see the terrible effects the earthquake has had on a nation already so desperate, needy and poor. I watched a mother clinging to her dead baby in a picture and can't imagine her pain. Even though I have lost a child it isn't the same. She was probably struggling to feed that baby already. Fighting everyday just to eat and survive. A poverty so severe that moms would beg you to take their babies home with you, so they could have a better life. Then on top of that, the quake hits and takes what little they have. My heart breaks for them. I think of those children in the orphanages I visited years ago. Though they are grown now there are more to take their place. Who is holding those kids? Comforting them in their fear?

Why are my kids warm, safe and cared for and theirs aren't? I know God is sovereign and I will trust that even though I don't understand. These are the times when I truly don't understand. I know God is good and faithful but yet the suffering is hard to come to terms with. I can't see all things clearly so I trust.

As my blog goes quiet for a season due to our move I leave a small way to help. It is so little compared to the need but every little bit does make a difference.

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