Thursday, January 14, 2010

8 Days and Counting

I'm still here, just pre-occupied with boxes, paper and a cute baby. Only about a week left before the move. All issues are resolved (thank God). Eli has taken to scaling the stacked boxes. He finds great pleasure in climbing on them and standing tall for all to see. I am sure that standing in the middle of the dining room table is not far off.

Unfortunately, catching that moment on camera might prove difficult. In trying to take Eli's 15 month picture I dropped my camera on the hardwood floor. The screen is now half black and white with no image. Everything at this age is a race and chasing your baby without the camera strap around your wrist is well.....not such a good idea.

At least I captured the moment right before the camera hit the floor.

He may be really chubby but he is fast!

In other news, my soon to be ten year old daughter announced how excited she was that she will be living in her 10th house when she turns ten. If it weren't for the joy in her voice I may have cried right there. This truly has not been a parenting goal of ours to help our kids transition so well but what can I say?

If there is one thing that moving many times and not being in control of how long we stay has taught me, it is this.......that THIS is not my home. He has gone away to prepare a place for me with many rooms and what an amazing place it will be. I will not only truly understand and experience permanence but also perfection, true peace and delight. So as I add one more thing to another box, I am grateful. Grateful that this current house nor the one I am moving too is my true home. That home is waiting for me undefiled, imperishable and unfading, being guarded till I arrive. (1 Peter 1:3-9)

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mamabear said...

Praying for you!