Thursday, December 31, 2009

It didn't really seem much like Christmas this year.

We normally bake cookies, build gingerbread houses, make wrapping paper and more. This year we dropped many things due to moving, my husband being on call through Christmas and sickness. After the babies double ear infection on Christmas eve, my sore throat and feeling crummy on Christmas day we went off to visit family to come home with a cold. Sounds pretty

I like tradition and this year my circumstances came in conflict with all of those. At first I was disappointed but it became (by grace) one more opportunity to SEE things for what they really are. Another opportunity to rely and to lean on the fact that my greatest need has already been met. Met in the little baby in the manger who grew to manhood to set me free. Changes ones perspective. Once I got all that straight we had a very Merry Christmas. Though different in appearance just what he designed.

The tree comes down today and the boxes come out.

Want to come over for a packing party?
Sorry, no cookies but lots of yummy coffee.


Melanie said...

I'd LOVE to come for coffee and help you pack! Tomorrow is the day we traditionally pack up the tree and decorations.

Sandi said...

Wouldn't that be fun....the coffee part mostly.

Hope you guys had a Merry Christmas.

Stacy said...

Yes. I'd be there if I could, helping you pack, setting all the kids up with a video so that we could chat in REAL LIFE! :)

Love you, friend.