Thursday, December 31, 2009

Just In

Just received this book from A little Christmas present for myself.

I am looking forward to reading it in light of my son's recent struggles. As well as, my own struggle with depression/mood swings due to insomnia and PCOS. Not sure what I will find in here but looking forward to the read. The title itself could cause some conflict :o)

It might take me awhile to read it but I'll tell you what I think. Anyone else read it?

Obviously this will be one of the first books on my 2010 reading list.

Another I plan to read is Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman.

Full list coming soon. Is February still considered soon?

It didn't really seem much like Christmas this year.

We normally bake cookies, build gingerbread houses, make wrapping paper and more. This year we dropped many things due to moving, my husband being on call through Christmas and sickness. After the babies double ear infection on Christmas eve, my sore throat and feeling crummy on Christmas day we went off to visit family to come home with a cold. Sounds pretty

I like tradition and this year my circumstances came in conflict with all of those. At first I was disappointed but it became (by grace) one more opportunity to SEE things for what they really are. Another opportunity to rely and to lean on the fact that my greatest need has already been met. Met in the little baby in the manger who grew to manhood to set me free. Changes ones perspective. Once I got all that straight we had a very Merry Christmas. Though different in appearance just what he designed.

The tree comes down today and the boxes come out.

Want to come over for a packing party?
Sorry, no cookies but lots of yummy coffee.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Weather Outside is Frightful

We found a new place to rent.
This is how the baby looked at me when I told him we had to move in January. I think he's a little concerned. He really doesn't want me to but all his blankies in a box.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Merry Christmas

Can you believe that our desk top crashed twice in three weeks? After the second crash our laptop then died three days later. I went a whole three days with out the Internet or email. I must admit how surprised I was at the difficulty of that. A little embarrassed too. I tend to be the "I can live without technology person" and I can but not painlessly. :o)

We still haven't recovered all the pictures, school stuff or address book but haven't given up hope. We don't have the means to run out and buy new or fix these quickly.

We have to wait. Waiting is good as we are being reminded in our Advent devotions daily. Waiting causes us to yearn and be more grateful. Anticipation is so God engineered to make us curious, excited and joyful.

I anticipate a well working computer (that isn't slow...this one takes FOREVER to load a page) at some point and a New Year around the corner. Most of all I look forward to celebrating again Him who is amazing grace, born in a barn so that I could be whole and free.

I won't be around much, between broken computers, moving house and celebrating Christmas life is full. I look forward to regular posting again in the New Year. Pictures of the new house to come (when we have them ).

Have a Merry Christmas.