Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Steadfast Love

41. Constant patients from above

42. Faithfulness not based on my faithfulness

43. Hope

44. Never failing forgiveness

45. Ever comforting truths

46. Warm breezes for cold hearts

47. Full plates carried by another

48. Sight to know this is not my home

49. God's sovereignty even in the choices of others

50. A great helper in my time of need.


Melanie said...

So much to be grateful for!
Re: #41 I'm sure it's not "patients" you are grateful for - it's "patience"? The image of people in hospital gowns falling from the sky was amusing though :D.
Hope your week is going well...

Sandi said...

too hilarious! I'm going to leave it as is just for the sheer laugh involved.

it was good to catch up the other day.