Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So, the Book

You might expect it to be a heavy theology book that made such an impact on me during my retreat. Far from it. Yet it is something I think is of great importance, as well as a form of daily worship. The book I read is called In Defence of Food by Michael Pollan.

When I mention a form of daily worship don't think I've gone off my rocker. What I mean is how we eat and what we eat has a direct effect on how we function and live. Should we not see those choices as part of an opportunity to do the best for our bodies in order to do our best for Him? In North America especially, Christianity and food have no connection except that there is food at every event ( at least in my church). I would say this extends to North American culture as a whole. We have so much food, that little is considered about that food. We have what we want, when we want it and in abundance. We of my generation know little of food except the food industry. Food comes from the store and fast food restaurants. We consider little how far it traveled, if it was ripe when picked, or how the animals we eat were treated or raised. We have no clue where our food comes from or who is growing it.

Now, Mr. Pollan's book has nothing to do with Christianity and food. It does have much to do with knowing where your food comes from, how it is processed and those effects on your body. He also very effectively addresses the marketing plans of big food companies looking to make food about money and not health.

My eyes were so opened to how I view food and it's packaging at the store. Though I buy our meat at a local meat farm where I see the cows living in fields and eating real grass and buy our produce at a spray free local farm (as much as possible) I still was being swayed by the marketing ploy of "nutritionism". I was not looking at food as well....whole foods but the little parts they might contribute to my health. So I would be sucked into buying a food that tauts a certain type of nutrient instead of realizing that eating whole food is more important. If it has more then 5 or so ingredients then it probably borders on the line of being a food product and not real food.

His advise is too shake the hand of those that feed you. This got me to thinking. Though I do this in some ways there are still more ways to work on this. Like eating in season instead of buying green house grown modified distance traveling food. How this will actually look day to day I haven't totally figured out. Now that we are moving much of this will be delayed till we get settled.

But over my retreat weekend I did make a 4 week rotating menu plan that I come across in blogland. More on that later and the link to where I found the idea.

I do recommend reading this book if only for the eye opener. To be more aware. I also want to add that I don't think you are missing heaven if you eat beef from the grocery store and processed food. Just last night I was trying a new failed disgustingly and we went to Wendy's. Aaron was working late, we had just spilt hot chocolate all in my silverware draw, all over the floor and stove top and everyone was just grumpy. I was done...those are the times we eat junk because it's easy.

Bit by bit I hope to make more changes. For me there is such a connection between living wholly for Him and eating whole food. It's not the gospel by any means but it's important to me and a gift I can give my family. Especially my one child who seems more sensitive to additives and preservatives. I have a long way go especially with my carb and chocolate addiction and my tendency to eat when bored or stressed. All material for another discussion. :o)

Let me know if you do read or have read this book. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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