Thursday, October 22, 2009

We made our planned trip to the Aquarium yesterday as a family. Aaron was able to join us which was an added treat. If you know me in real life you will know the idea of taking three kids into a very busy city then into a busy public attraction is not my idea of fun :o) My husband, fortunately for my children loves doing this kind of thing.

The Aquarium has always appealed to me because of its serene and quiet nature (minus all the people). Marine life live mostly in silence. Though they communicate their lives are buffered by the watery world they live in. To me it has always seemed a welcome sound barrier. As I pass the beauty of life God has made I find such rest and peacefulness. Truly beautiful, unique graceful creatures. Jelly fish are especially fascinating to watch.

So you can imagine my shock when they have now introduced a 4-D Theatre to the Aquarium. I had no idea what I was getting into. Foolishly, I took my son Isaac with me. It was a sensory overload nightmare. He couldn't handle it and we had to leave. It is such a learning curve to consider these things constantly. We have so much more to learn. Journey really wanted to try it so I returned with her. Big mistake! Though the scenery and marine life were beautiful and so real life in 4-D, the other sound and sensory effects were not. The chairs were rigged, and there were gadgets to spray you and poke you. What ever happened to taking in the creation as is....why do we have to have it enhanced, bigger, better, louder and animated.
Isn't the amazing works of created life enough simulation. I just don't get it. I think the most disturbing thing is that once exposed to this kind of stimulus....we just crave more. I can so see this turning into something much more dangerous then a video at the Aquarium. The crazy thing is most people loved it and wanted to go back again. I can only think that they are going back for more "sensory input" and not the marvel of creation.

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Cara said...

Yuck! I saw one of those 4D movies once and didn't like it at all. (Though the thing I saw was in no way intended to be educational; it was at a theme park.) Sorry you had such a bad experience; I agree that that's a completely unnecessary attraction at an aquarium.